I am an algebraic geometer with interests in moduli spaces, K-stability and birational geometry.

I work on these specific problems:



"One dimensional components in the K-moduli of Fano 3-folds, (with Hamid Abban, Ivan Cheltsov, Elena Denisova, Erroxe Etxabarri-Alberdi, Anne-Sophie Kaloghiros, Dongchen Jiao, Jesus Martinez-GarciaarXiv: 2309.12518.

"On divisorial stability of finite covers, (with Ruadhaí DervanarXiv: 2306.07151.

"K-moduli of log Fano complete intersection pairs”, arXiv: 2212.09332.

"GIT of complete intersections and log canonical thresholds, arXiv:  2212.09332.


"Variations of GIT quotients for complete intersections" . Package. Python/ SageMath. 10.5526/ERDR-00000155, 2022 

 "Segre Symbols Calculator package" . Package. Python/ SageMath. 10.5526/ERDR-00000157, 2022

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